How To Create a Basket Wall (Easy DIY Tutorial)

A great way to produce a major focal point in your space is to create a basket wall. In this easy step-by-step tutorial, I’ll give you the diy secrets of how to take your empty walls from boring to beautiful.


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What Baskets Do I Use to Create My Basket Wall?

The best way to make an interesting basket gallery wall is to use a variety of baskets. Choose different sizes, shapes, materials, and pops of color. Use a lot of baskets, use a few. It’s up to you. The most important things to look for when buying:

  1. Flat Back Baskets
  2. Shallow Baskets
  3. Baskets in the same style (African, Boho etc) OR mix and match baskets with various styles that blend well.
  4. Include at least one if not two larger baskets to create a nice focal point for the wall.

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When it comes to choosing the right baskets, flat back, shallow baskets are the best choice. However, in home decor, very few baskets are made to hang on the wall.

You may find some wicker baskets that have flat backs but the depth makes them stand out too much from the wall. Or shallow baskets with curved backsides which makes them tough to hang.

Don’t overthink things, do the best you can. You may have to go with what you can find at the time.

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I’ve added links to all kinds of wall baskets in this post to help you find what you need. In the end, you’ll have a beautiful basket art wall worthy of oooh’s and ahhh’s.

Where Can I find Baskets for the Project?

Some of the best places I’ve found:



  • TJ Maxx
  • World Market
  • Hobby Lobby

The Thrifty Way

  • Local Thrift Stores
  • Good Will

Think outside the box too. You can use always substitute with a kitchen basket or a charger placemat.

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How Do I Design a Layout for the Wall?

Step 1 – Lay the Baskets Out on the Floor

This gives you an idea of what you’re working with – style, shape, spacing.

Step 2 – Start with Either the Largest Basket or the Center Basket

Lay the largest basket or the basket that will be in the center of the design, down on the floor. Start adding baskets around your main basket – above, below, diagonally, to fill the design out.

Step 3 – Experiment

Move the baskets around in different combinations, now is the time to experiment. Each time you work up a design, take a photo and save it.

  • Overlap baskets
  • Space baskets out
  • Vertical layout
  • Diagonal layout
  • Wrap baskets around the corner of a wall
  • Wrap them over a door frame
  • Don’t forget to photograph

Step 4 – Refer to Your Photos

When you’ve exhausted every layout you can think of, refer to your photos and choose your favorite design. Once you’ve chosen your design, lay it out on the floor once more. Now it’s time to hang the baskets but you may be wondering.

Photo Source Chairish and Baskets of Africa

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How High Do I Hang the Baskets?

If you’re hanging the baskets over a sofa, bed, or cabinet, leave 6 – 8″ between the top of the furniture and the bottom part of the lowest basket.

If your basket wall decor has nothing beneath it, the center basket should hang at eye level.

Source: Parsley of Happiness

Take the basket that’s in the middle of your layout (from your floor) and place it at the center point of the wall where your baskets will hang. Mark the spot in pencil.

When you go to place your baskets on the wall, don’t worry if the shape isn’t perfectly symmetrical, perfect is boring.

Attach the basket to the wall in 1 of the 4 ways below.

4 Easy Ways to Hang Baskets on the Wall

Straight Pins

If your basket is less than 3lbs, the easiest way to hang it on the wall is with a straight pin. Position the basket in the spot you marked on the wall. Place the pin inside the top of the basket. Push your straight pin between the weave into the wall. Make sure the pin can hold the weight.

Hammer and Finishing Nails

If you prefer, you can use a small finishing nail to nail it to the wall. Make sure the nail you choose is long enough to go through the basket and into the wall. Place the nail inside the top of the basket. Gently hammer the nail between the weave into the wall.

Command Strips or Command Hooks

Command Strips and Hooks are best used when you can’t risk damage to a wall (apartment living) or your wall is made of blocks (dorm room).

To use Command Hooks: Peel the backing from the hook, place the Command Hook on the wall. Position the basket on the hook making sure to fit the hook between the weaved rows.

To use Command Strips: The strips stick together by hook and loop. Remove them from the package and pull each strip apart. Peel the backing off of one of the strips and stick it on the flat side of the basket. Peel the backing off of the other strip and place it on the wall. Place the basket strip against the strip on the wall and press to make sure it’s secure.

Hammer, Small Finishing Nails and Fishing Line

If you have a basket with a tight weave and you don’t feel comfortable putting a pin or small nail through it, use fishing line. Hammer your finishing nail to the wall. Thread the fishing line in and out of the basket, over the weave. Both ends of the fishing line should be on the backside of the basket. Tie a small loop in the line and hang the basket onto the nail.

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Things to keep in mind when doing this project:

  • Don’t get stressed.
  • Refer to your photos often.
  • Have fun with it.
  • Most importantly – perfection is boring and overrated.

I love to hear from you and I’d be over the moon if you’d send me a photo of your basket wall. I bet it’s beautiful!

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Until Next Time-

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