Creative Basket Decor Ideas to Make Your Home Fabulous

Do you have baskets at your house? You know like wicker baskets, wire baskets, leftover gift baskets? I bet you do. What do you do with them? The big question is, do you know what to do with them? I mean besides filling them with junk mail in your home office.


If you’re having trouble figuring out how to use those baskets to decorate your space, let me help you out. I’ve got some cool basket decor ideas that will make your space not only functional but fabulous. (Please note- article may contain affiliate links. Full disclosure at the end of post.)


An easy way to make a big impact on a room is to hang a gallery wall of baskets over your bed or above your sofa.

To create your wall decor, gather your baskets. Any shape is fine but a shallow basket is best. Lay the baskets out on your floor so you can see what you’re working with.

Check out my easy DIY tutorial on How to Create a Basket Wall.


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Move the baskets around in different combinations until you come up with a design that will look good on your basket wall. Don’t worry if the shape isn’t perfectly symmetrical, perfect is boring.

When you’ve got your design, take a quick photo to refer to. Then take the basket that’s in the middle of the design(from your floor) and place it on the center of your wall.


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Hang the basket with either a nail, Command Hook, or if your basket is light enough, a straight pin. Then start filling in the wall with your baskets. If you get lost or confused, refer to your photo. Don’t be afraid to get funky with the design – you could even overlap the baskets for visual interest.

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Use a tobacco basket to cozy up your living room or dining room. These baskets were used in the 1800s to keep tobacco off of the warehouse floor when storing the leaves. Vintage tobacco baskets are hard to come by and pretty pricey these days but you can find a new (tobacco-free) rustic basket on Etsy.


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Tobacco baskets come in several shapes and sizes. They look nice hanging over a couch or your dining room buffet table. When choosing your tobacco basket, remember size is important.


Credit: North Carolina Yoga Girl

You can see that the baskets in the above and below photos are at least 1/2 and maybe 3/4 the width of the furniture they hang over. They’re the perfect fit for their space. If you’re ever in doubt about which size to choose, go with the larger-sized basket for your home decor, you won’t regret it.


Credit: Bless This Nest Blog

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Who doesn’t love wicker baskets? There are so many options out there and endless ways to decorate with them. Check out these creative ideas.

Try a large wicker basket next to your living room couch. It’s the perfect place for a large basket, plus it’s useful as a storage basket for holding throw blankets and pillows.


Credit Home Depot

This is my bathroom where storage is very limited. I use wicker baskets in the cubby holes to hold my hairdryer, face products, shampoos, and incidentals. I love how the baskets make my cosmetic items easily accessible.


A creative way to use decorative baskets in the bathroom is to use them with rolled up guest towels or extra towels placed inside. Place the baskets by the sink and beside the tub so your guests have easy access when needed.

Credit Tall Basket: Fairfield House NJ
Credit Small Basket Unknown


Do you have a ton of cords, remote controls, old family videos, and electronic stuff you don’t know what to do with? The kind you feel like you have to hold on to because the moment you throw it out, you’ll need it? I think everyone has that pile but no one wants to see it, it’s just so ugly. Hide that unsightly stuff in a pretty basket.


I usually keep wicker storage baskets under the tv console table and my side table (as you can see above). They work like a charm. I picked these up years ago at Target but I bet you can find them at any one of your local thrift stores. Now anytime someone asks where their phone cord is, I tell them to check the storage basket.


Bushel baskets are fun for apples in the kitchen but let’s look at some more basket decor ideas for your living space. Andrea from Pine and Prospect Home has a great way to display her bushel basket. She uses it on an antique dresser and fills it with fresh flowers and vines.


Credit Pine and Prospect Home

What a beautiful setting. Notice the wicker chairs at the dining table and wicker basket on the wall – love it!


Credit Plow and Hearth

Bushel baskets are also a great alternative to use as planters for the front porch.


Simple wire baskets are one of my favorite farmhouse decor items. I think it’s the versatility that they offer that makes them so special.


I use mine on top of a painted pie safe in my living room to hold faux flowers (Did I tell you I can’t grow flowers? That’s a story for another day).


I also use them in my bathroom under the vintage medicine cabinet. I put a bit of greenery in them to splash a bit of color in the room.


Don’t be afraid to decorate with large baskets, they can make a dramatic impact on a room. I love how this basket doubles as a decorative tray on a coffee table.


Credit: Stone Gable Blog

If you already have a basket you’d like to use as a decorative tray but you’re not quite sure how to style it, check out my post Best Tips on How to Decorate a Serving Tray to help you out.

Take a look at this natural/modern room. It may or may not be your style, but notice how the large baskets were placed all over the room in different ways. These are great ideas -throw pillows for the foot of your bed, large or small plants on your window ledge, and a stand-alone basket in the front of your fireplace.


Don’t miss the blanket ladder in the corner of the room too. Check out my post: 15 Creative Decorating Ideas Using an Old Wooden Ladder


This decorative door basket is one of my favorite baskets in the house. It hangs on my hall closet door. My daughter gave it to me for Mother’s Day and it makes me smile every time I look at it. The door basket came from Target – eucalyptus leaves included and I love the simplicity of it.


This decorative door basket is perfect for an internal door, the front door, or wall decor. Just change out the faux flowers to match your season.


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Longaberger baskets are an American tradition. The company has been handmaking its beautiful baskets in Dresden, Ohio since 1973. Using a Longaberger basket is a wonderful way to decorate.


Credit: Longaberger Baskets

This sturdy, handmade Longaberger utensil basket is perfect for your kitchen or dining room table. It’s made to withstand wear and tear and will retain its value over the years.

I hope you’re inspired to decorate your space with beautiful baskets. Let me know if you have any additional ideas and I’ll share them. Mostly I love hearing from you!

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