15 Creative Decor Ideas Using a Wooden Ladder

Do you have an old wooden ladder that just sits in your garage taking up space? It’s time to get that thing outta the garage, dust it off and decorate with it. In this post, learn creative old wooden ladder decorating ideas to spruce up your space.


credit: Itty Bitty Farmhouse

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Decorate with a ladder? An old wooden ladder? Yes, you read me right, give your ladder new life by decorating with it.

I’ve got some creative ideas on how and where to use your vintage ladder (or new ladder) to spruce up your space. (Please note- article may contain affiliate links. Full disclosure at the end of post.)

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What if I Don’t Have an Old Ladder? Where Can I Find One?

To find a vintage ladder, you need to be a little resourceful.
Old ladder ideas:

  • Garage Sales
  • Yard Sales
  • Estate Sales
  • Antique Stores
  • Flea Markets
  • Craig’s List
  • Ebay
  • Your Granddaddy – If you’re lucky enough for your grandfather to be alive, ask him where you can find an old wooden ladder. I bet he can tell you how to find one in your community. If not, I’m sure he’ll get a kick out of you asking.
  • Painter – Your local painter might be able to help you locate an old painter’s ladder

Where Can I Find a New Decorative Ladder?


credit: Her Tool Belt

Not crazy about an old ladder? A new one works too. You can find new ladders at:

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Creative Ways to Decorate with Your Old Wooden Ladder

There are endless creative ways to repurpose old ladders, so here’s my take on a few.

Blanket Ladder

Want to add a cozy look to your space? Lean your ladder against the wall and hang folded blankets on the rungs.

Blanket ladders maximize storage space and who doesn’t need more storage?


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A blanket ladder is also a great way to add additional color to your room. Hang one or two or even layer a few blankets to create a cool eclectic look.

Plant Stand

A vintage ladder can be used as a plant stand. I love the decorated small step ladder in this photo. It’s the perfect little piece for the spot next to the hearth. It can also be used outside to spruce up your porch.


credit: Sarah Joy Blog

The old ladder has a vintage vibe with blue-green paint. Plants, books, and a sprayer were placed strategically on the ladder rungs for a playful cottage feel. Pretty special in my opinion.

Picture Frame

Looking for a creative way to display your beautiful family photos? Use your old wooden ladder as a picture frame holder. DaisyMaebelle.com features this rustic ladder on her blog.


She attaches twine to the ladder rungs and hangs polaroid photos from it by attaching them with mini clothespins- a great decor idea. She’s also multi-purposed the lowest ladder rung by placing a blanket on it. This look creates a simple rustic country feel.

Magazine Rack

Do you subscribe to magazines or have some hanging around the house that you can’t let go of?


credit: Bintilhomeblog.blog

If so, you can stack the magazines vertically on the ladder steps as it leans against the wall, or open the magazines and place them horizontally on the rungs. This way, your favorite magazines are on display and are easily accessible.

Bathroom Storage

Using a ladder is a great way to create bathroom storage. This ladder shelf is made to order and fits directly over the toilet. It holds all kinds of goodies like tissues, hand towels, washcloths, and even extra toilet paper. Perfect for small bathrooms.


Click for Bathroom Storage Ladder Shelf

You don’t have to use the entire ladder to get charming appeal. Check out this beauty- half of an old wooden ladder leaned up against the wall with storage baskets cleverly added to each rung. Really neat!


image credit: Natalme

Shoe Storage

Are you guilty of trying to cram more shoes in your closet than it can handle? The shoe storage struggle is real. How about setting a ladder against the wall and showing off your best high heels? Your cool new rack is a great way to store shoes plus it adds a little color to your space.


credit: Design Sponge/Eleonore Bridge

If you have a large space, some time and diy projects are your thing, you could make your own shoe storage ladder. This ladder was built with wooden boards laid horizontally in place of the rungs.


Credit: Collectivegen.com Image: Nicola Lemmon

Ladder Shelf

Hook your vintage ladder directly to the wall and use it as a ladder shelf. This is a creative way to save valuable floor space for your room.


credit: GratefullyVintage.com

Love the look of fun plates on a ladder shelf, they bring clever new ways to add pops of color to the space.

Plant Rack

Use an old ladder as a plant rack. Indoor plants tend to take up a lot of space and this bright idea frees up that space while bringing the outside in. Plus, it’s just darn cool.


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Where Should I Use My Old Wooden Ladder?

Now that you have some helpful ideas on how to use your decorative ladder, let’s talk about where to use it. What are the best rooms to place your old ladder in?


credit: Barb Philichowski

Living Room

A ladder displayed in your living room is a creative way to decorate and a little unexpected. Who thinks they’ll walk into a living room and see a ladder hanging on the wall- that’s exactly what you want to create in your home, an element of intriguing creativity, it makes home decor fun.


credit: gratefullyvintage.com

This rustic ladder shelf from Gratefully Vintage is one of my favorites. It sits nicely in the corner creating vertical interest. The rustic ladder attaches to the wall and holds photo frames. The photos sit on the ladder rungs as a make-shift shelf.


credit: Nested Sanctuary

An easy way to decorate your ladder is to hang hooks on the rungs. The hooks can hold wire baskets, jars, wall decor, anything you’d like. This DIY ladder has a welcoming, rustic look. It’s the best of both worlds -decorative and functional. (Looking for a way to decorate with your tobacco baskets and other types of baskets? Click here)


Everyone knows the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where scrumptious meals are prepared alongside laughter and good conversation. You want your kitchen to be beautiful and also functional.


credit: unknown

This rustic ladder makes great farmhouse decor from the metal baskets and plants to the wreath and tea towel. Makes you see how you can display more than blankets on your ladder.

Create a great pot rack by hanging your ladder in the kitchen and chaining it to the ceiling. Add hooks to the rungs to hang your pots and pans from. You can also use the ladder for extra storage space by keeping your large baskets on top.


credit: The Owner Builder Network

Ladders come in all varieties. You can add pegs or hooks to the rungs and hang cups or decorative items. This is a great way to maximize storage space in the kitchen while adding a bit of personality to the area.


credit: Wayfair

Guest Room

A guest room is a perfect place to decorate with a ladder. Wooden ladders make items like throw blankets, magazines, towels, and robes easily accessible for your guests.


credit: Halstrom Home

Master Bedroom    

Is your master bedroom cramped? A ladder provides an easy solution. Simply hang baskets and containers from the ladder rungs. They can be used to store clothing items and blankets.

Hang belts and necklaces or even clothes on the ladder. A ladder will help you keep from piling things on the floor.


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If you want it to match your home décor or a specific room, you can repurpose the ladder by painting or staining it. Doing so will give it a clean and fresh look, so it blends easily with the rest of your space.

Dining Room

Is your dining room lacking in the “Wow” department? Take it to the next level with an old wooden ladder. Add lighting to your ladder and hang it over your dining table. What a great conversation piece.


credit: BVintage


Most bathrooms are limited on space. Add a ladder to store items for easy accessibility. This wooden ladder is more for decoration but you can see it could easily hold baskets, towels, and essentials.


image credit: unknown

A clever way to create bathroom storage is with a vintage step stool. I love how this small folding ladder is used with the rolled-up towels on the first step and the flowers on top. You could use extra towels on the lower rungs to maximize even more space.


credit: Apartment Therapy

Another great idea is to place a small step ladder next to your bathtub. You can use it for displaying magazines, candles, soaps, and bath salts.

Laundry Room

Laundry rooms can be cramped – do you need extra space to hang your clothes to dry? I bet you do and you know exactly what I’m going to suggest. You guessed it, a wooden ladder.


credit: Time to DIY

Time to DIY has creatively added hooks and knobs to this ladder and hung it overhead for all kinds of uses. How clever!

Now that you know the top fifteen creative decorating ideas using an old wooden ladder, how are you going to use yours? I’d love to know!

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