Best Lighting for Your Laundry Room

Are you tired of the single overhead light fixture that was installed in your small laundry room? Are you wondering how you can revamp your laundry space with pendant lights, ceiling lights, wall lights, or natural light?

Changing the lighting in your room can instantly transform the look and feel of your space. Let’s look at the best laundry room lighting to make your ceilings glow.

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Best Type of Laundry Room Lighting

Overhead Lighting

Overhead light fixtures come in a variety of different forms, and each has its own benefits. Chances are, you already have overhead lighting in your laundry room, but the look may be too sterile or the fixture may not give off enough light. *Note: Affiliate links may be used in this post. I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.


Maybe you’d rather have decorative lighting or a certain type of accent lighting. Whatever laundry room lighting ideas you have in mind, there’s a wide range of styles out on the market to fit your needs. Here are some of the most popular options for any laundry room look.

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Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are the perfect addition when placed over your countertops to serve as task lighting. You could use several matching pendant lights in the small room if you’ve got counter space.

Don’t overthink pendant lights in your laundry room. Simple is the way to go.

Glass shades are great in the laundry room. They radiate the light but remember, they may get a little dusty from lint so you may have to do a little extra dusting to keep them in tip-top shape.

Flush Mount Ceiling Lights and Semi Flush Mount Lights

Flush-mount and semi-flush-mount lights are a great option if you have low ceilings or a small laundry room.

Flush mounts don’t hang low or visually take up any additional space, and when you don’t have a lot of space, you don’t want your light fixtures to feel overpowering.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is a great choice when you want light, but don’t want fixtures that stand out. You want laundry room lighting that blends seamlessly into the ceiling. When spaced correctly, recessed lighting creates a nice even flow, emitting a lot of light throughout the room.

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These recessed lights are so cool and easy to install. You no longer need to have the “can”; they can be installed directly in the hole in the ceiling.


Want to add a decorative flair to your laundry room? Why not add a chandelier? Chandeliers are a great way to liven up a utilitarian space. Adding a chandelier is also the best way to bring plenty of light to a dark room.


Bring a little bling to your laundry room. This small white chandelier is great for a feminine look. The ceiling fixture is offered in several colors.

Pay special attention to the size of the chandelier you purchase. To find the correct size for your room, measure the room in feet. Add those numbers together to come up with the diameter of the chandelier.

For example, if your laundry room is 6×8 then you should add 6+8=14. Your chandelier should be somewhere in the area of 14” in diameter.

The bottom of the chandelier should hang at least 7 feet from the ground, so no one will hit their head when walking under it. Be sure to consider ceiling height. If you have low ceilings in your house, a chandelier may not be the right lighting choice for you. If you want to know more about your chandelier options, you can check out our post on the 50 Best Modern Farmhouse Chandeliers.

LED Lights

LED lights have come a long way. A few years ago I would have steered you clear of led lighting for the laundry room but these days, they’re a yes.

Choosing which light is right for you is the key to LEDs. The LEDs below have 3 settings – warm, neutral, and cool. You’ll easily be able to find your favorite when you compare the three.

Wall Lights

Wall lights (also known as wall sconces) add an extra layer of light over your work area. Wall lights can shine upward, downward, or both. Adjustable arm sconces are a great option because they allow you to direct the fixture to a specific area for maximum light.

If you want to learn how to install wall sconces by yourself, you can check out my post on How to Install a Wall Sconce: Hardwired or Plug In.

Directional Spotlights


Directional light is light that enters from a specific direction. You can install spotlights in your laundry room if you need task lighting in areas that are dim.

Track Lighting


Not everyone loves track lighting. It was invented in 1961 and has gone in and out of style. However, the appearance of track lighting has come a long way, and it’s functional if nothing else. You can direct the various spotlights to the areas you need the most light.


You may feel like overhead and task lighting may not be enough light for your laundry room. If this is the case, set up a table lamp on your countertop or corner space. This can help illuminate the area where you fold, sort, or remove stains.

These little lamps with pleated shades are great for when you need that extra little glow. You could even use them as a night light. The fixtures come in a variety of colors.

Under Cabinet Lighting

Under cabinet lighting is a simple and effective way to brighten up your whole laundry room. They’re easy to install and create a lot of light. Consider the above lights for either the lip of your upper cabinets or lower countertops.

These under-cabinet lights fit under your upper cabinets -does that make sense? Think of it this way, they go under the upper.

Why You Should Prioritize Natural Lighting

In a best-case scenario, you’d be able to use natural lighting in your laundry room the majority of the time. This is by far the most sustainable option. It increases productivity and improves human health. Sunlight just makes you happy, doesn’t it? Daylight is always superior to any artificial light source.

Unfortunately, not everyone has windows in their laundry room, and even if you do, they may not provide enough natural light to allow you to see what you are doing. Adding wall lights, pendant lights, table lamps, or other lighting fixtures throughout the room can help boost your productivity and make your laundry room somewhere you want to be (well…maybe).

I hope my list gives you the perfect light fixture to flood beautiful light into your space. Let me know what fixture you choose.

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