50 Best Modern Farmhouse Chandeliers (2024)

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Best Modern Farmhouse Chandeliers and Lighting This Year


Have you been looking for beautiful farmhouse lighting to make your space glow? Look no further, I’ve compiled a list of gorgeous farmhouse fixtures to cover the main living areas of your home.

Table of Contents

Let’s jump right in. Here are the 50+ farmhouse light fixtures broken down by area. Be sure to look at all the fixtures because each one could fit into several rooms.

Farmhouse Kitchen Chandeliers

Kitchen Chandelier


A beautiful mid-size kitchen chandelier that suits rustic decor. Perfect to hang over a farmhouse table.

Farmhouse Chandelier


The quintessential farmhouse chandelier features distressed wood and rust metal arms surrounding an ornate column. A beauty for any space.

Rustic Pendant Light


A beautiful wood and metal pendant light for a rustic industrial feel. The rustic pendant light is 8″ wide and 9″ tall, great for hanging over a medium-sized kitchen table or kitchen island.

Wooden Beam Chandelier


A cool, multi-light wooden beam chandelier that’s fabulous. The perfect fixture to hang over a long kitchen table.

Rattan Light Fixture


A neat, basket weave rattan light fixture. The mid-sized kitchen light encases a single bulb and diffuses light over the room.

Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting


Kitchen island pendant lighting is a must for a modern farmhouse. Dome pendant lights offer just the right amount of light over your island to whip up an amazing gourmet meal, or at least to heat up your Chick-fil-A take-out, right?

Metal Cage Pendant Light


Love the look and feel of an industrial kitchen? This metal cage pendant has you covered. Its medium size is great to hang over the island, sink, or a small kitchen table.

Wood Beads Flush Mount Light


This wood bead flush mount light gives off an elegant, laid-back Boho farmhouse feel. This fixture is best in a smaller space because it measures 13″ from the ceiling to the bottom of the beads and 12 1/2″ across. A nice choice when you want your space light and airy.

Industrial Light Fixture


A neat rustic pendant light. The industrial light fixture features a frame that’s 8″ wide and 15″ tall – a great choice for a nook or a small kitchen space.

Flush Mount Light Fixture


Got low ceilings? This wooden flush mount light fixture might just be the answer you’ve been looking for. The two-bulb ceiling light measures 6.5″ tall which leaves plenty of room for the area beneath.

Rustic Chandelier


A metal and wood frame rustic chandelier that holds 3 lights. The modern farmhouse light fixture is elegant in the kitchen, bedroom, or any room of the house.

Mason Jars Light Fixture


What’s a farmhouse without mason jars? This mason jar light fixture is lovely for a medium-sized kitchen. Just right for over the island or kitchen table.

Farmhouse Dining Room Chandeliers

Dining Room Chandelier


One of the most popular farmhouse dining room chandeliers around. The rustic chandelier features a 4-light metal fixture encased in a geometric wood frame. A great conversation piece for the dining room table.

French Country Farmhouse Chandelier


Gorgeous 6-arm French Country farmhouse chandelier made of light-colored wood with a distressed finish.

Dining Table Chandelier


A chic dining table chandelier that features a square, wooden lantern frame with a metal crown top. This chandelier is so unique – perfect to hang over a round, oval, or long dining room table.

Farmhouse Light


An elegant 6-arm, large white chandelier to hang over your dining room table for a light and airy feel. The chandelier measures 28″ tall including beads by 28″ wide.

Dining Room Light Fixture


A large dining room light fixture measuring 35″ wide and 30″ tall. The 8-light antique finish chandelier is perfect to hang over your dining room table or in the middle of a large family room.

Dining Room Lighting


A little farmhouse, a little industrial, a lotta class. This 6-arm metal dining room lighting fixture features an oil rubbed bronze finish and seeded clear glass shades to let the light shine through.

Black Farmhouse Chandelier


This black farmhouse chandelier is a nice size for a large dining room. Its long arms provide tons of light without being intrusive.

Farmhouse Light Fixtures


Need a long linear fixture for your table? This large industrial metal chandelier is just the ticket. It features two farmhouse light fixtures encased in a long, iron frame. A really cool fixture that’s so unique.

Farmhouse Industrial Chandelier


You won’t find this fixture at your local lighting store. The handmade farmhouse industrial chandelier features a reclaimed wood beam with metal shades attached to a pulley. Isn’t it fantastic? Just the right piece for your farmhouse table.

Farmhouse Dining Room Lighting

It’s classic, rustic, and farmhouse all rolled into one- so cool. The farmhouse dining room lighting fixture features a beautiful 12-light round frame. Such an interesting conversation piece.

Round Farmhouse Chandelier


This mid-sized round farmhouse chandelier is ideal to hang over your dining room table. The white-washed light fixture will be the jewel of your room.

Farmhouse Chandelier Wood

A rustic farmhouse chandelier in wood, fit for a large dining room. The stately 5-arm fixture measures 27″ wide – a beauty for your dining room table table.

Farmhouse Bedroom Chandeliers

Bedroom Chandelier Ceiling Light


A bedroom chandelier ceiling light that gives a soft glow when lit. The white-washed wood frame encases a rustic metal 4-light chandelier.

Bedroom Light Fixture


A large farmhouse chandelier measuring 28″ wide. The perfect bedroom light fixture for a lot of sparkle.

Sphere Chandelier

A sphere chandelier with a nice vibe. The rustic industrial fixture features 4 lights encased in a geometric metal sphere. An ideal fixture for a rustic farmhouse look.

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Chandelier

A modern farmhouse bedroom chandelier that’s sure to steal the show. This beauty features wooden beads and a wrapped jute frame.

Wood Chandelier

A neat rustic wood chandelier meets modern glam- perfect for your farmhouse bedroom. The mid-sized sphere chandelier measures 22″ wide and features a 4-light prism chandelier in the center of the wooden structure.

Wood Bead Chandelier

This wood bead chandelier has a free-spirit, boho feel bringing calm to your bedroom. It features layers of wooden beads decorating its empire shaped frame.

Modern Farmhouse Crystal Chandelier


Would you call this sphere chandelier glam, industrial, or both? Whatever you decide to call it, it’s fantastic. This modern farmhouse crystal chandelier has it all – a black iron frame surrounding a 4-light silver chandelier with draped clear crystals – so captivating.

Bedroom Chandelier

A simple beaded chandelier with a fresh look. The bedroom chandelier features drapes of wooden beads surrounding a 6-light fixture – a dreamy fixture in a boudoir setting.

Bedroom Chandelier Light


A classy, romantic bedroom chandelier light. The gold fixture features a cage frame encasing a 3-light chandelier. What a charmer.

Farmhouse Foyer Lighting

Farmhouse Entryway Chandelier

A great farmhouse entryway chandelier featuring a glass dome and metal frame. The foyer light can be hung flush to the ceiling or by its decorative chain.

Farmhouse Foyer Lighting

Beautiful farmhouse foyer lighting for your entryway. The four-light chandelier features a white metal distressed frame and crown top.

Modern Farmhouse Foyer Light

An amazing modern farmhouse foyer light. The multi-light cage chandelier measures over 3′ tall and is an ideal choice as a two-story stairway chandelier.

Foyer Lantern

A classic pendant lantern for your farmhouse foyer. The compact bronze finished foyer lantern features clean lines and a 10″ wide frame.

Large Farmhouse Chandelier


A large farmhouse chandelier that’s ideal for a grand entryway. The six-light fixture features a 32″ metal frame with rustic appeal.

Entryway Light Fixture


A cottage-style entryway light fixture that makes a beautiful statement in any space.

Are your lighting fixtures dated? Mine definitely were. When my family and I moved into our 1860 farmhouse in 2002, we knew we would renovate but the lighting was way down the list. (Please note- this article may contain affiliate links. Full disclosure at the end of the post.)

If I’d known then how changing out my lighting would totally transform the look of my home, I’d have done it way sooner. Consider changing out the bulbs along with your lighting. Read my article Silicone Light Bulbs- The Coolest Candle Light Bulbs You Never Knew Existed for more on changing your bulbs.

Don’t make the same mistake I did. Move “Update Lighting” to the top of your to do list. You’ll be happy you did.

If you’d like to update your lighting, you may be thinking, I love farmhouse style decorating but how do I incorporate the fixtures into my home and where do I begin?

Do I start in the kitchen, the dining room, or the living room? Do I start with a farmhouse chandelier, a pendant light, or a flush mount fixture?

No worries – today’s post is designed to show you some of the best farmhouse lighting ideas around. I’ll help you figure out what fixtures work best for your space and point you in the direction of some of the most amazing modern farmhouse lighting fixtures on the market. So let’s dive in.

Where Do I Begin? What Room Do I Hang My Farmhouse Light Fixture In?

Your best bet is to begin working on the room with the most foot traffic and/or the room you want to make the biggest impact.

If your home is like mine, the rooms with the highest foot traffic are your kitchen and den (or living room) but the room where you’d like to make the biggest impact is your dining room.

The main point is to do what works best for your living space. You may choose your bedroom, the foyer, or a pretty powder room. It’s all good.

What Size Should My Chandelier Be?

To figure out what size chandelier you need, you’ll measure your room length by width and add the numbers together.

For example, if your room measures 12′ x 18′. You’ll add 12 + 18 = 30. The diameter of the chandelier you need to purchase should be approximately 30″ wide. Don’t get hung up on that number, use it as a guide.

I usually shoot to have a chandelier in a certain range, so if the equation shows you need a fixture that is 30″ in diameter, you can look for a fixture in the 28″ to 33″ range.

TIP: Something important to remember when shopping for your chandelier – if you have to choose between sizes, always go with the larger size. There’s nothing worse than a beautiful room with a chandelier that’s too small.

Here’s a more in-depth chandelier buying guide that can help with your lighting questions.

How Tall Should My Fixture Be?

I’ve made a table to show you how tall your farmhouse chandelier should be according to your ceiling height. So for example- if you have a 10′ ceiling, refer to the table – your chandelier should be no more than 25″ – 30″ tall.

Ceiling HeightChandelier Height
8′no more than 12″ tall
9′no more than 24″ tall
10′25″ – 30″ tall
12′30″ – 36″ tall

What Type of Light Fixture Should I Hang Over My Dining Room Table?

Nine times out of ten, the best fixture to hang over your dining table is a chandelier. Chandeliers come in all sizes and shapes. I don’t want you to feel intimidated because not every chandelier comes with a huge price tag. There are farmhouse chandeliers for every budget.

You may be thinking, “That’s great but I don’t have a dining room”. Chances are though, you have a dining space and even if that’s a tiny dining area or an eat-in kitchen, a small chandelier hung right over the table will be just the thing to transform that space into the focal point of the room.

Now for those of you who eat in front of the TV- I know you’re out there because I do it too sometimes, there’s no excuse, there’s a chandelier out there somewhere for you too.

What Size Farmhouse Chandelier Should I Hang Over My Dining Room Table?

Chandeliers hung over a dining table should take up 1/2 to 3/4 the width of the table. So if your table is 42″ wide, your chandelier should be between 21″ and 32″ wide.

If your chandelier is going to hang over a table, try to make the fixture a different shape than the table, this gives the setting more interest.

If your table is rectangular, use a round chandelier or even two chandeliers. An exception to the rule: if you have a long rectangular table, a linear chandelier like the one below works nicely.


CLICK – Dining Room Chandelier

Square table? Use a round chandelier.
Oval dining table? Use a round, linear, or even square chandelier.

You can use a round fixture over a round table but you may want to try one with an interesting shape so you don’t duplicate the exact appearance of the table.


CLICK – Farmhouse Chandelier

What Light Fixture Should I Choose for My Kitchen?

Fixtures with a simple design and clean lines make perfect ceiling lights for the kitchen. Wooden beam light fixtures, crystal chandeliers, distressed wood fixtures, and chandeliers with wood beads are some of the most popular farmhouse home decor fixtures.


CLICK – Farmhouse Pendant Light

Check out my article on Popular Pendant Lighting Fixtures.

Flush mounts look great in kitchens with low ceilings. You need at least 7′ of clearance under your ceiling light so that your 6’7″ son doesn’t bump his head – I learned this fact the hard way, or should I say, my son did- oops!

What Do I Hang Over My Kitchen Island?

Another way to show off your rustic charm is to place a farmhouse pendant light (or two) over your kitchen island.

What Height Should I Hang My Pendant Light Fixtures?

In general, the bottom of your pendant lights should hang 30 – 36″ from the surface of your countertop or kitchen island.

If Hanging More Than One Pendant Light Over My Kitchen Island, How Much Space Should Be Between Fixtures?

You should allow approximately 24″ of space between your pendant lights. This should be measured from the widest point of the pendant.

What Fixture Should I Choose for My Living Room?

Even if you choose to have multiple light sources in your living room like table lamps or canned overhead lights, also consider hanging a chandelier. Chandeliers create beautiful upward light and provide an elegant focal point for your room (or even a statement piece for the entire house).

If you’re afraid your chandelier might be too bright, you can use a dimmer switch that isn’t expensive to install, or use low-wattage candelabra bulbs.

What Size Chandelier Do I Need for My Living Room?

The sizing guide we used for the fixtures above applies here too. Let’s revisit the previous example.

  • Take the measurements of your room and add them together.
  • Example: Room Measurement: 12′ x 18′
  • Add 12 + 18 = 30
  • Your chandelier should be approximately 30″ in diameter. Or a range between 28″ to 33″ wide.

What Shape and Texture Should I Choose for My Chandelier?

Modern farmhouse chandeliers are usually made of wood, metal, or iron which looks great in most settings but don’t be afraid to go with glass, crystal, or even antique brass.


CLICK – Wood Beaded Chandelier

Something to note, if you have several wood accents like a wood table or wood nightstands in your room, mix things up a bit and go with a different texture like an iron chandelier or a crystal chandelier. Too much of one texture tends to make a room monotonous.

What Color Farmhouse Chandelier Should I Choose?

Color is a personal preference but some great choices for your rustic farmhouse look are fixtures in black, white, brown, silver, gold, and oil-rubbed bronze.


CLICK – Wooden Pendant Light

Not confident in what color to choose? A good rule of thumb is to match the color of the light fixture to your doorknobs, cabinet pulls, and faucets.

CLICK – Sphere Chandelier

What Light Bulbs Should I Use In My Chandelier?

Most farmhouse chandeliers are made to hold candelabra light bulbs – the small based bulb with a torpedo shape.

If you’re using incandescent bulbs, opt for 40 watts or less per arm to avoid glare. Honestly, in a dining room setting the lower the bulb wattage, the better. Bright light tends to make a dining room less comfortable.

If you’re a fan of led light bulbs, consider using a warmer bulb like the classic warm white bulb as opposed to a cool white. Cool white bulbs produce a blue tint which isn’t appealing in a dining room.

If glare ends up being a problem, install a dimmer switch at the wall or use low-wattage decorative light bulbs like our LightLady Studio silicone light bulbs below.


LightLady Studio Bulbs
Pack of 12
Individually Packaged


How Do I Buy a Chandelier Online?

A few things to keep in mind before you shop online for your chandelier.

Do Your Homework

Know before shopping what size chandelier you need.

Compare pricing online. Some reputable sites to compare prices are Wayfair, Amazon, Home Depot, Lowes, and Lamps Plus. If you’re not sure how to locate your fixture online, try to find a SKU number for the light, most products have one. Google the SKU with a small description of the fixture and results should pop up pointing you in the right direction.

  • When buying online, read the description very carefully.
  • Be sure you understand the return policy forward and backward.
  • Check to see if assembly is required for the fixture.
  • Check shipping time – sometimes a great price on an item equals 6 weeks of shipping time
  • Read reviews – no company or light fixture is going to be perfect but you can get a good idea about how happy consumers are by reading several reviews of the product
  • Check to see that the fixture is UL listed (3rd party safety certificate). If your fixture isn’t UL listed, this is not a deal breaker, you’ll just need to make sure the fixture is from a reputable source.
  • Check the cost of shipping- many companies now offer free shipping. This is a big deal because chandeliers are not cheap to ship.

If you’re also a fan of vintage chandeliers, you can check out my blog post on Buying Timeless Vintage Tole Chandeliers: All Inclusive Guide.

I hope I’ve helped you on the quest to find the perfect farmhouse light fixture. When you find the fixture for you, drop me a note and let me know, or better yet, send a photo. I love hearing from you!

Until Next Time


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