55 Farmhouse Christmas Mantel Decorating Ideas for the Holidays

Each year when it’s time to decorate your farmhouse Christmas mantel do you jump right in or do you stare at it in wonder asking yourself, “What am I going to do with this mantel?  I don’t even know where to start.”

White Christmas Mantel by Beneath My Heart

I totally get it! So, I’ve come up with a list of farmhouse Christmas mantel decorating ideas. These are simple ideas you can incorporate into your holiday decor with sources on where to find them.

Hopefully, this will help you see that creating a beautiful mantel doesn’t have to be a daunting task.

Essentials Needed to Decorate Your Farmhouse Christmas Mantel

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Focal Point of Your Farmhouse Mantel

You’ll want to start your farmhouse mantel design with a focal point to command your attention. It doesn’t have to be too complicated.

A decorative focal point for your Christmas mantel can be a mirror, a sign, or a wreath. As long as it’s unique enough to draw you in, it’s good enough to use.

Here are some great focal points to check out. (Please note- article may contain affiliate links. Full disclosure at the end of post.)

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Large Mirror

A large mirror propped up against the wall or hung on the mantel wall is the perfect focal point. The mirror will create a base for your decorative items. Even though the mirror itself won’t be decorated, it can reflect light all over the room.

Gorgeous classic Christmas mantel from TheLilypadCottage.com

If you’d like to decorate the mirror, you can hang a wreath on it like the vintage mirror below from French Country Cottage.



A large wreath is the perfect mantel decoration and can serve as your focal point. You can hang the wreath or lean it against the fireplace wall. If you have a mirror above the mantel you can attach the wreath to the mirror by using a suction cup or hanging it from a decorative ribbon.

Here are some beautiful wreaths for the Christmas season. The gallery includes an artificial green boxwood wreath, a preserved boxwood wreath, magnolia wreath, lit spruce wreaths, a pinecone wreath, and more.

Christmas Wreaths – Click for Details


I bought this red berry wreath from Hobby Lobby last year and I really like it, so I went with it for the center of the mantel.


It was a bit too short so I lifted it by setting it on a glass cake plate. I pushed the cake plate to the back of the mantel so I could decorate around it.

Wood Signs

Signs are one of my favorite things for a farmhouse style Christmas mantel. They’re a great idea to use as a focal point for the fireplace.

Wood Canvas Sign – Click Rustically Inspired for Info

You can see above how much of a presence a large sign makes. It’s a statement piece all by itself.

Vintage Signs

What’s Christmas without the big guy? This Santa Claus vintage sign brings a nostalgic feel to the holiday season. The personalized vintage sign is the perfect size to hang over your farmhouse mantel. (Click Image for Details)

Christmas Signs

Here are some wood signs in all shapes and sizes that are a perfect complement to the farmhouse look.


Any of these decorative wood signs will give your living room a cozy feel for the holiday season.

Christmas Garland and Greenery

Greenery makes all the difference when decorating your Christmas mantel but don’t stress over it. You’ve got options.

photo credit: unknown

Whether your style is a white rustic Christmas mantel or a modern farmhouse mantel, garland will make your fireplace more beautiful.

If you like having a real Christmas tree each year, be sure to grab greenery when buying your tree. Most tree lots offer greenery at a minimal cost or even free if you don’t mind collecting clippings from the ground.

Classic Christmas Mantel by Hymns and Verses

I like to reuse my greenery so I buy artificial garland.

The trick is to add real pieces of greenery to your artificial garland, that way it doesn’t seem fake.

Faux Garland

Faux garland is a great option when real garland or greenery isn’t available or just isn’t your thing. Check out these beautiful garlands decorated with pine cones, red berries, and lights. It’s almost impossible to tell they aren’t real. Click each photo for details about the garlands.

Faux garland – Click for Details


If you’re in a hurry or don’t feel like you’re good at decorating, do it the easy way. Lay a faux garland across your mantel and add some candles and you’re all set.

By the way, the backside of any decorated mantel is usually a mess, don’t worry about that as long as the front looks good. It’s kinda like looking at the backside of the Christmas tree- usually not the most attractive.

Natural Elements

One way to make your faux garland and decorations come to life is by adding natural elements. You can see where sliced oranges and pine cones were incorporated into this garland. What a neat touch.

Fireplace Mantel by Clean and Scentsible

This simple mantel from Super Sweet Party features a clean, minimalist look that’s so refreshing. It’s true, sometimes less really is best.


Hanging Garland and Banners

A cute idea for your Christmas mantel decor is to add a whimsical garland. Counting down the days to Christmas was always a big thing in our house. This countdown garland is a great way to continue that tradition.

Click for Christmas Banner

Other festive decorations include Merry Christmas banners and berry garlands.

Garland and Banners – Click for Details


I’m totally in love with my red and white felt ball garlands. I bought these fun pieces at a home décor warehouse sale where there are crowds waiting to get in to buy huge furniture at great discounts.

While everyone was oohing and aahing over the furniture, I was busy grabbing up all the little Christmas garland I could find. To me, life’s about the little things that make you happy.


I hung my garland on the mantel using Command Strips to loop it over the hooks. The garland is a little weighty but It’s done well so far, nothing has fallen.

Here’s a wood bead garland that’s fun too.

Christmas Stockings

Click for info on Stockings

It wouldn’t be farmhouse Christmas decor if you didn’t have any stockings hanging from the mantel right? Here are some Christmas stockings I think you’ll love – from traditional plaid stockings to stylish knit fur stockings, there’s something for everyone.

Christmas Stockings – Click for Details


Stocking Holders


Click photos for details.

My farmhouse was built in 1860- we have two fireplaces.  A few years ago I sewed these handmade stockings (the four matching ones) and hung them over the front room fireplace. I used an Etsy pattern and it turned out to be a really fun project.


Mantel Decorations

Once you’ve got your staple items in place (your focal point piece, your red stockings and garland), it’s time to add the bells and whistles- the Christmas decorations.

photo credit: Re-fabbed

There are lots of options when decorating your mantel. I thought I’d show you some of the most popular Christmas decorations on the shelves right now. A red lantern to Christmas gnomes to pine cone candles – I’m sure you’ll find something you like. Click each photo for details.

Christmas Trees

Incorporating a Christmas tree gives your mantel decor height making it pleasing to the eye. Love the two flocked mini Christmas trees by Janelle Trinette. They’re a great addition to this rustic look fireplace.

Rustic Christmas Mantel by Janelle Trinette

Yvonne from Stone Gable Blog uses mini trees, pine cones, and stockings to decorate her white Christmas mantel. She used white mini Christmas trees at different heights to flank the clock. So pretty.

Click photos for information on the Christmas Trees.

Mini Christmas trees are a great decoration whether they’re placed on the hearth or showing off your mantel.

Bottle Brush Trees

Last year I noticed bottle brush trees making a huge comeback. They’re fun and whimsical. They’re also the perfect size to decorate your farmhouse mantel. Use one or several to spruce up your fireplace. Click photos for more info.



Candles are a farmhouse mantel staple. You can never have too many of them. For visual appeal, use an odd number when decorating with candles. 1, 3, 5, 15 – the sky is the limit.

Candles for Your Mantel – Click Photo for Details


Table Runner

Using a table runner on your mantel is a great way to lay a foundation for your decor. They’re the perfect size and shape. Drape the runner from end to end or even let the ends hang off of the mantel for a dramatic effect.

Click for info on Gold Sequin Table Runner

I used this gold sequin table runner as the bottom layer on the mantel and laid my lantern and mini tree on top of it. The table runner brings a little glam to my country Christmas. After draping it on the mantel, I pulled pieces of the runner through the empty spots of garland.



Decorating your mantel with candle lanterns creates a classic look without a lot of work. The lanterns come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and look beautiful when filled with white candles, holly, faux greenery, or any fireplace decor. Click each photo for lantern details.

Lanterns for Your Mantel – Click for Details


Hearth Decor

After decorating your mantel, don’t forget the hearth. A full mantel and an empty hearth make your fireplace feel top-heavy.

Use some of the decorative items below to fill out the hearth space.

Hearth Decor – Click for Details


More Hearth Decor – Click for Details


Here are the items I use on my hearth. A bucket to hold wood and a large hurricane lamp with a candle.

Decorating your farmhouse Christmas mantel is all about having basic décor staples. Once you have those items, start placing and re-placing them until things look and feel right. Stand back and assess. Trial and error, trial and error.

Then Ask Yourself, do I love this mantel?
If the answer is no, try again.

Eventually, you’ll get the look you love. I promise. Just try it, You Can Do It!

Drop me a note, an email, or contact me on any social platform. I love hearing from you and I promise I’ll reply.

Until Next Time-

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