Decorative Lamp Finials: Parts and Accessories

If you want to update an old lamp, replacing the finial is one of the best places to start. I’ll give you the in’s and out’s of lampshade finials and how they can change the entire look of your lamp. *Note: Affiliate links may be used in this post. I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. More details are at the bottom of this post.


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What is a Lamp Finial?

Lamp finials are decorative ornaments or knobs that screw onto the top of standard lamp harps. Finials are like the cherry on top of the ice cream. They’re the decorative top piece of your favorite lamp. They serve a functional purpose of securing the lampshade to the lamp.


What Finial Should I Choose for My Lamp?

Choosing a lamp finial is pretty straight forward. The easiest thing to do is match the finial to the lamp. For example, if you have a polished brass lamp, the best match will be a polished brass finial. If your lamp has an antique brass finish, an antique finish finial will look the best. Of course, if you’re feeling like you want something different, go for a glass finial or a finial with birds or designs on it.

Decorative Lamp Finials on Amazon


Click each photo for more details. Collection includes antique brass finials, glass lamp finials with brushed nickel finish and more.

The size of the lamp finial should be proportionate to the lamp and lampshade. Finials usually range in size from 1 to 3 inches in height, but you can choose a size that complements your lamp’s overall design along with your home decor style. If you have two finials and can’t decide which one to choose, I would almost always opt for the larger one.

Are Lamp Finials Interchangeable?

Yes, lamp finials are usually interchangeable as long as they have the same threading size and style. This allows you to easily change the finial to match your decor or update the look of your lamp.

Vintage Finials on Etsy

Etsy has a nice collection of finials not found anywhere else. They also carry vintage finials for your favorite lamp. Click the photo to the right for details.


How Do I Attach the Finial to the Lamp?

Make sure the lamp harp is attached firmly to the lamp. Place the lampshade over the top of the lamp harp with the screw protruding from the top of the lamp harp. Screw the finial onto the screw securing the lampshade between the lamp harp and finial.

Here is a video for quick reference:


What is the Standard Thread Size for a Finial?

In my experience, I find most finials fit a 1/4-27 threaded (4-27 thread) lamp screw.

There are some finials that fit a 1/8 ip which is basically a hollow threaded “screw” that measures 3/8″ in diameter (but those are found less frequently).

Places to Find Lamp Finials

I hope this helps you find the perfect lamp finial to make your lamp complete. Let me know if I can help you.

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